Classes Taught


Lecturer, Gender and Sexuality in Art, Fall 2010, Critical Gender Studies Program, UCSD

Lecturer, Electronic Technologies for Art I, Fall 2010, Visual Arts Department, UCSD

Lecturer, Electronic Technologies for Art II, Spring 2010, Visual Arts Department, UCSD

Lecturer, Electronic Technologies for Art II, Winter 2010, Visual Arts Department, UCSD


Lecturer, Electronic Technologies for Art, Fall 2009, Visual Arts Department, UCSD

Syllabi here: VIS 147B, Winter 2010, VIS 147B, Spring 2010




Writing Trans Genres, Closing Plenary, Winnipeg, MB

Living as Form (The Nomadic Version), Panel, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Opening Keynote Performance, Gender, Bodies, Technology Conference, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

Feminist and Queer Approaches to Technoscience, University of Toronto, Faculty of Information Colloquia Series

Opening Keynote, Digital Gender: Theory, Methodology and Practice, HUMlab, Umeå University, Sweden


Transgender Studies Quarterly Round Table on Transgender Art and Cultural Production, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Autonets Convergence, University of Toronto

“I Dreamt of Many Moons Lighting the Way to Freedom: Miscegenation, Disability and Femme Disturbance in Janelle Monae”, American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC

Plenary, Dark Side of the Digital, Center for 21st Century Studies, Milwaukee, WI

Keynote, Differential Mobilities Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

Trans Technology, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, March 2013

Computation and the Non-Human: New Directions in Queer Theory and Art, College Art Association, Panel with Zach Blas, Jacob Gaboury, Alison Reed and Pinar Yoldas, New York, NY

“Choreographic Information: technological productions of tactical bodies and their movements”, presentation on Local Autonomy Networks with Allison Wyper, Tactical Bodies: The Choreography of Non-Dancing Subjects, Congress on Research in Dance/Dance Under Construction conference, UCLA

Building Local Autonomy Networks Workshop, Transmediale 2013 #BWPWAP, Berlin, Germany

Building Local Autonomy Networks Workshop, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics VIII Encuentro, São Paulo, Brazil


“Post-Digital Networks, Post-Corporate Communication”, International Research Conference, Transmediale, Lüneberg, Germany

“Sousveillance as Artivist Tactic”, Surveillance, Space and the Public, University of Texas at Austin

Local Autonomy Networks Workshop, HTMlles Feminist New Media Festival, Montreal, QC

Computation and the Non-Human: New Directions in Queer Theory and Art, American Studies Association 2012, Panel with Zach Blas, Jacob Gaboury and Pinar Yoldas, San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 2012

From the Transborder Immigrant Tool to Autonets, Beta-Local, San Juan, Puerto Rico

…Skittering Across the Earth…, Guest Lecture for Ian Alan Paul’s Time and Process in Digital Media class, UCSD

Local Autonomy Networks, Opening Night Keynote Performance and Workshop, Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI

Electric Bodies and Possible Worlds, Hackers on Planet Earth Conference, New York, NY

Local Autonomy Networks, Punk Ass Queers, Riverside, CA

Queer Viral Practices in New Media Art and Theory, SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX

College Art Association Annual Meeting, Art History in the Digital Age: A Hands-On Workshop, with Craig Dietrich, Tara McPherson, Nick Mirzoeff, and Joan Saab, Los Angeles

Political Systems Through Theater of the Oppressed, workshop in collaboration with Femina Potens gallery, Lyric Youth Center, San Francisco

“Queer Porn as Postcapitalist Virus”, Marxism and New Media Conference, Duke University, Queerness Panel, January


Wearable Electronics as Femme Disturbance, “Techno-queer Self Fashioning” Panel, 2011 UCLA Queer Studies Conference

Performing the Body: Wearable Electronics, Sound and Erotics, Toronto Free Gallery, Fall 2011

I want to touch you: Transreal Aesthetics in virus.circus, in “Queer Viralities: Resistant Practices in New Media Art & Philosophy” Panel, ISEA Istanbul

Transreal Bodies and Digitized Clones: Bridging Realities With Sound, Biometrics and Motion Capture, in “Virtual Doppelgengers” Panel, ISEA Istanbul

Queer Viral Aesthetics, Panel, American Studies Association

Gender Play in Transmedia Worlds, Sixth College Video Production Club, UCSD

“Productive Confusions: Learning from Simulations of Pandemic Virus Outbreaks in Second Life”, SPIE Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality

Science Fiction and Speculative Thought as Social Critique and Social Action, Panel Moderator, ARTifact Gallery, UCSD

World Building and Contemporary Art, Panel Moderator, Visual Arts Facility Performance Space, UCSD

Performative Strategies for Rethinking Queer (Non-)Identities, Round Table, “Racialization, Neoliberalism and Queering Public Spheres”, UCSD

net.walkingtools.Transformer.shift(), Catalyzing Knowledge in Dangerous Times, Center for Race & Gender, UC Berkeley

Roundtable with Michael Hardt, Literature Department, UCSD

CRCA Exchange: Cyborg Culture, Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, UCSD

Science Fiction and Speculative Thought as Social Critique and Social Action, ARTifact Gallery, UCSD, Panel moderator

Construyendo Mundos Posibles Queer, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Tijuana, BC, Mexico

Queering Pedagogy Workshop, Transnational 
Group, LGBT Center, UCSD

The Global and Local Struggle to Reimagine/Reclaim/Remake Education, Agitprop Gallery, San Diego

Mixed Reality Performance from Becoming Dragon to virus.circus, Guest Lecture in Marcela Fuentes’ “Gender and Performance” Class, Women’s Studies Department, UCLA

From Science of the Oppressed to Transreal Aesthetics, Guest Lecture in Liz Losh’s “Public Digital Rhetoric and Practical Communication” Class, UCSD

Game Theory, Game Art & Transreal Aesthetics, Guest Lecture in Emily Roxworthy’s “Animation, Simulation and Performance” Class, UCSD


DIY Somatic Architecture and Wearable Erotic Electronics, Arse Elektronika 2010, Noisebridge, San Francisco

Digital Activism Workshop, From ECD to Mixed Reality, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Chiapas, Mexico

Crisis Culture and Emergency Aesthetics: virus.circus and the Transborder Immigrant Tool, The Next Hope, New York, NY

Trans Desire, Towards a queer politics of Autonomy, Bluestockings Books, New York, NY

City (De)Centered, The Transborder Immigrant Tool, City Centered Conference, San Francisco

$0 Tuition, Panel and Forum Discussion, Visual Arts Facility Performance Space

Queer and Feminist New Media Spaces, HASTAC Forum invited presenter

Crisis Culture and Emergency Aesthetics, Failed State? Conference, UC Davis

Erotic Mixed Reality Performance Art, Nasher Museum, Duke University


Becoming Dragon: An Epistemology of Transition, Digital Arts and Culture Conferene, UC Irvine

Experimenta Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia

Dorkbot Socal, Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA

$0 Tuition, Marcuse Gallery, La Jolla, California

Technesexual, Artivistic 2009, Montreal, Canada

The Transborder Immigrant Tool: Violence, Solidarity and Hope in Post-NAFTA Circuits of Bodies Electr(on)/ic, Community Practices and Locative Media Workshop, Mobile HCI 2009

New Hacktivism: From Electronic Civil Disobedience to Mixed Reality Performance, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Bogotá, Colombia

Becoming Dragon: An Epistemology of Transition, Ctheory Critical Digital Studies Workshop, Victoria, BC

Violence, Solidarity and Hope: Transborder Immigrant Tool, Violence, Technology and Public Intervention Symposium, Calit2

Becoming Dragon, Upgrade! Tijuana, Tijuana, BC, MX

Becoming Dragon, New Media Lounge, UCSD

Reconsidering the Call for Local Action in a context of Knowledge Production, Distributed Creativities Conference, UCSD

The Body in Transmission/Transition, A New Body for New Worlds, Guest Lecture for Ricardo Dominguez’s class Introduction to Art Making: Motion and Time Based, UCSD

Becoming Dragon, Guest Lecture for Nayan Shah’s class History of Sexuality, UCSD

Becoming Dragon, Guest Lecture for Amy Adler’s class Performing for the Camera, UCSD

Mexican/Chicano Art in Context, Panel Moderator, Agitprop Gallery, San Diego

Direct Action Clowning, talk in Understanding Theater class at University of Texas, Dallas