Talks / Interviews

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Performance/Talk on Autonets and Wearable Electronics, InterAccess 30th Anniversary Mecha Kucha, Toronto, Ontario


Post Digital Media: From the Transreal to Decolonization
HUMlab, Umea University, Umea, Sweden, March 2014

micha cardenas speaking at HUMlab in Umea University in Sweden


Differential Mobilities Conference 2013 – Keynote Talk


Autonets: Post-Digital Networks, Post-Corporate Communications :: Keynote at the Center for 21st Century Studies

Local Autonomy Networks: Post Digital Networks, Post Corporate Communications

From the temporary shutdown of and at the DNS level to the shutdown of cell phone communications to prevent protests in Egypt and San Francisco, corporate communications infrastructures are obsolete for resistant communities. In contrast, people in resistance are imagining new post-digital futures. My work on the Transborder Immigrant Tool led me to Local Autonomy Networks (Autonets), which is being developed in collaboration with community based organizations in Detroit, Los Angeles and Bogotá, Colombia. Digital technology is the basis for an epistemology often referred to as “the digital” which is imbricated with western logics. To work towards post-digital networks is to participate in a decolonization of technology and to imagine possibilities that both precede and follow the digital. My intervention is to make a trans of color critique, taking inspiration from the queer of color critique, that rejects the binary logic of the digital and looks to oppressed communities for alternative logics.

Introduction: Heather Warren Crow (Peck School of the Arts, UWM)

Finding Home – Allied Media Conference Opening Ceremony

Photos by Vanessa Miller

Text and video from Allied Media Conference 2012 opening night performance. 

UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender, 10 year anniversary event, Catalyzing Knowledge in Dangerous Times.

Thanks to RawStory for the video.