Occupy Everything! Today in LA at 2pm, and DAC tomorrow

If you're in LA this weekend, I'm doing two events that you may want to attend! Today at 2pm I'm helping facilitate a class/workshop/discussion at The Public School about the occupations and strikes against the budget cuts. The class is free and open, join us! Then tomorrow, I'm speaking on the Sex and Sexuality panel at Digital Arts and Culture 2009: After Media about Becoming Dragon, my 365 hour durational performance in Second Life. If you're in LA today, check these events out... (so sorry for the short notice!) http://la.thepublicschool.org/class/1856 The UC strikes and beyond proposed by sparkle Part 1 Reading and analysis and strategy discussion. This session took place on 12/05/06. Part 2 - Occupy Everything! [scheduling] A continuation of the UC Strikes and Beyond discussion. There seems to be a lot of energy for these discussions, so lets keep them going! We just scratched the surface of a discussion on what we might do collectively, so lets start there next time. Perhaps we should do this twice more and continue the trajectory of half theory discussion and half organizing discussion... Communiques and texts continue to pour out daily as situations unfold, such as the Irvine occupation of the library where the administration changed their policies in response to only an announcement of an occupation: http://studentactivism.net/2009/12/04/uc-irvine-library/ Some of the issues brought up today that we should follow up on: future workshops at tent cities, the public school going on strike, critiques of the occupation strategy and other possible actions, exiting the university, the end of liberal humanism...We still have yet to get very far with a discussion of how to branch out of the UC system. -azdelSlade class tags: insurrection // occupation // praxis // strike // wildcat Dates: December 5, 2009 at 12:00pm December 12, 2009 at 2:00pm Location: The Public School, 951 Chung King Road Teacher: Marc Herbst, Cara Baldwin, Micha Cardenas, Ken Ehrlich ///// also, this sounds awesome and i'll be attending this: Artist Curated Projects presents THREE WOMEN Performances by DAWN KASPER      TAISHA PAGGETT      NANCY POPP DECEMBER 12th, 4-8 pm @ the home of Eric Kim 2200 BRIER AVENUE, SILVER LAKE CA 90039
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