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We Already Know and We Don’t Yet Know :: Autonets, São Paulo, 2013

Part of Local Autonomy Networks // Autonets

Photos and more information at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics website

Autonets Berlin / Lüneberg – The Safe Itinerant / The Insecurity of Mobility // Der sichere Wanderer/ Die Gefahren von Mobilität [photos]

photo 1


From Feminism to Decolonization: A Femme-ifesting Vision Ritual, June 2013, Toronto

Local Autonomy Networks :: Milwaukee :: Healing is Our Response

May 2, 2013

Performed at the Dark Side of the Digital Conference at the Center for 21st Century Studies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My profound thanks go out the performers who performed with me! Performed by micha cárdenas, Ching-In Chen, Bridget Feerick, Shawna Elizabeth, Jennifer Morales, Ashkan Rezvani Naraghi, Shelly Schauer, Trenton Francis Schoonover, William Skaleski, Ali Sperling. Photos by Wes Tank.


Poetry reading performance at E-Lit Under the Stars, Institute for Multimedia Literacy, April 2013

E-Lit Under the Stars Micha Cárdenas from Mark Marino on Vimeo.


Local Autonomy Networks – Find Each Other – 2012 Zero1 San Jose Biennial

Photo by Karl Baumann

Local Autonomy Networks: Find Each Other: 2012 Zero1 San Jose Biennial from micha cardenas on Vimeo.

Reflection on Zero1 performance on my Tumblr. 

Local Autonomy Networks – Find Each Other – HTMlles Feminist New Media Festival

Finding Home – Allied Media Conference Opening Ceremony


Performers: Althea Baird, Mariana Castañeda, Indee Mitchell
Photos by Vanessa Miller

Text and video from Allied Media Conference 2012 opening night performance. 

Local Autonomy Networks – Find Each Other – Highways Performance Space

Local Autonomy Networks – Find Each Other from micha cardenas on Vimeo.


Local Autonomy Networks: Find Each Other is a collaboration between Micha Cárdenas, PhD student in Media Arts and Practice at the University of Southern California, Allison Wyper, Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UCLA, Natalie Rosen, dancer and Claire Viele, artist. The video above uses two early prototypes, but the actual Autonets garments are still in development. The devices will be made open source under an Open Hardware license and the designs will be made publicly available. We hope to be able to give working devices to people who need them through workshops once we feel they are working well enough to be distributed.

Find Each Other is an experimental movement piece in which two performers explore space to the sound of poetry, using proximity sensing electronic garments from the Autonets series. The lights in the performers’ clothing change based on the wireless signal strength, a rough approximation of distance and a visible interpretation of connection. The poetry and movement bring to life the issues raised by autonets, how we find people who can help prevent violence, how we find the ones we have political solidarity with and how we find the ones with whom to build commnunity and love.

Photo by Wendy Sue Lamm Photography



They Say We’re Sick – Femme Disturbance


a kind of controlled alchemy


Transborder Immigrant Tool


Becoming Transreal @ UCLA Freud Playhouse


Becoming Dragon, 3 Minute Documentation


virus.circus.breath / 3 minute excerpt


technésexual, collaboration with Elle Mehrmand



Freephone, collaboration with Elle Mehrmand, Chris Head, Felipz Zuñiga, Camilo Ontiveros and Katherine Sweetman