Zach Blas in iMAP Spring 2013 Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Zach Blas
iMAP Visiting Artist Lecture Series
Spring 2013

February 26, 2013, 2-4pm
Institute of Multimedia Literacy
746 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, 90089

Zach Blas is an artist-theorist working at the intersections of networked media, queerness, and politics. He is the creator of the art group Queer Technologies, a founding member of The Public School Durham, and co-founder with Micha Cárdenas of the queer media listserv Q. He is also a PhD candidate in The Graduate Program in Literature, Information Science + Information Studies, and Visual Studies at Duke University. Zach’s current project Facial Weaponization Suite: Fag Face Mask provides sets of masks for public protest against biometric facial recognition and has been presented at the 2012 HTMlles Feminist Festival of Media Arts + Digital Culture in Montreal, Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles, MIX 25 Queer Experimental Film Festival in New York, and GL.TC/H 2112 in Chicago. |

TRANS/BORDER Art Exhibition at “Racialization, Neoliberalism And Queering Public Spheres” Symposium

Symposium at UCSD organized by the Transnational Queer and Transgender Studies Working Group

Symposium: Friday April 22 1-6 p.m. &Saturday April 23 9:30-5 p.m.
UCSD, Dolores Huerta Room, Student Center Expansion

TRANS/BORDER: Opening Friday, 5:45pm, Open during symposium Saturday, in the Visual Arts Facility Performance Space and the Pendergrast Gallery.

This symposium will include the art show TRANS/BORDER curated by Micha Cárdenas, in the Visual Arts Facility Performance Space and the Pendergrast Gallery. Featuring artwork by Tara Mateik, Elle Mehrmand, Aaron Guerrero, Angelica Aguilar, Eleanor Featherby, Chris Gauthier, David Kim, Gerald Manoos, Uyen Pham, Mina Rahnema, and Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0. The exhibition is supported by the UCSD Visual Arts Department, Sixth College, CRCA and the Transnational Queer and Transgender Studies Working Group.


1) Racialization/Nationalisms and Queer and Trans Studies
2) Queer Publics/Queer Privates and the challenges of neoliberalism/privatization of the commons
2) Sustainability and Defiance in Queer and Trans Politics and Culture
4) Securitization, militarization and queer interventions
5) Queer of Color Critique and Action and the Revolutions in North Africa

Invited speakers include Jasbir Puar (Rutgers), Paul Amar (UCSB) Chandan Reddy (UW-Seattle), Paola Bacchetta (UCB),Jin Haritaworn,(SOAS/LSE), Eng-beng Lim (Brown)

UCSD participants include Patrick Anderson, Toby Beauchamp, Micha Cárdenas Fatima El-Tayeb, Todd Henry, Roshanak Khesti, Meg Wesling, Nayan Shah,