Building Our Autonomy: Autonets Convergence Toronto

Posted on September 27, 2013 by michamaya


Building Our Autonomy: Autonets Convergence Toronto
Wednesday, November 13, 7-9PM
Robarts Library, Room 1150, 130 St. George Street

Autonets Convergence aims to brings together hackers, anti-racist coders, gender hackers, gender changers, dancers, movement makers, poets, performers, media makers, anti-violence, transformative justice and prison abolitionist activists by giving them a space to share their knowledge and their skills in order to help stop violence against queer and trans* people, people of color, disabled people, two-spirit people, sex workers and women. Engaging in discussion with the local community members based in Toronto as well as with the community at UofT about the kinds of violence we face daily, we will collectively work towards creative community-based responses to end violence, creating experiences and skills which at the end of the workshop we can take back to our own communities. The goal is to seed a movement of creative free/libre/open source technologies in concert with non-digital, community based solutions, to end gendered, racialized, sexual and ableist violence.

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Workshop organized by micha cárdenas. micha is an artist, hackctivist, poet, performer, student, and educator, mixed-race trans femme latina survivor who works at the intersection of movement, technology and politics.

Venue is wheelchair accessible, please do not wear chemical scents to create accessibility for those with chemical injury


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